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The Best Place to Get a Debt Consolidation Loan

By: Michael Millington

When multiple debts pile up over time, a consolidation loan might be the relief you need. Through debt consolidation, you can turn multiple debts into one debt. However, there is more to debt consolidation than just getting a loan. The interest rates and late fees you paid on your consolidated debts should be less than your consolidation loan for it to be truly effective. When dealing with debt consolidation, there are multiple sources from which you can procure a loan. Not all of these sources offer the best options, and knowing how to identify proper services can help you save money. Here you can learn about the best place to get a debt consolidation loan.

Where is the Best Place to Get a Debt Consolidation Loan?


Sometimes the old ways still work. Trying to appeal to your local bank can provide you with consolidation loan options. On the surface, the same loan application rules apply as with anywhere else. In order to qualify for a loan you would need to pass a credit check. Depending on your credit you would either qualify for a consolidation loan or not. If you do qualify, your credit would then determine the attributes of your loan. Poorer credit ratings tend to draw higher interest rates, but there is a human element involved. There is a level of negotiation that can happen when you speak with a bank employee. While it’s not guaranteed, it is possible to work out better terms for your loan. Some banks will give better terms to existing clients as well.


Loan gathering services have seen massive success online. These services have the distinct ability to take your information and show you your options instantaneously. While this does provide more convenience than a trip to the bank, it does not always give accurate information. Many loan gathering sites have the ability to look up loans you may qualify for without showing up as a hard inquiry on your credit record. This can give you a good idea of what you qualify for, but not a guarantee.
Online lenders tend to make it easier to qualify for a loan. Instead of having physical locations (like banks), these lenders operate completely through electronic means. As with most debt relief options, a fair amount of research must be done to be sure of your lender’s credibility. Some online lenders may offer loans with terrible interest rates. Doing so might end up with you needing further loans to dig yourself out of debt. Needless to say, the best place to get a debt consolidation loan will not be a place that offers detrimental debt relief.

Regardless of where you go to get a consolidation loan, there are a few things to keep in mind. Consider whether you can get better rates from your own bank. See if you can talk to an actual person to negotiate instead of accepting what’s given to you. Check the nature of the lender to see if they can be trusted. Lastly, make sure you that your loan is a financial upgrade over the debts you’re looking to consolidate. Should you be able to verify these things, you’ll have found the best place to get a debt consolidation loan.