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Credit Card Debt Relief

Credit cards are one of the main causes of debt related issues in America. Having a credit card will almost naturally put you in a perpetual state of debt. However, credit card debt relief can help you eliminate debts that build up over time. There are multiple forms of debt relief that can be utilized to either help you pay off credit card debt or eliminate credit card debt altogether.

Credit Card Debt Relief Through Debt Settlement

Debt settlement has the ability to lower the principle amount of your credit card debt to a more manageable level. Through a debt settlement program, you would make monthly payments into a special account, accumulating to create a settlement payment. Depending on how much debt you have you can experience credit card debt relief in as little as 24 months.

Credit Card Debt Relief Through Debt Consolidation

Credit card debt relief can be almost immediate with debt consolidation. When looking to consolidate your credit card debts, a loan provider can produce a loan that would allow you to pay off each individual debt. This can help to pay off the credit card debt you have while only leaving one main debt to deal with. Generally, this debt would have less of an impact on your finances and would allow you to experience credit card debt relief sooner than most other forms of debt relief (granted you have the credit to secure such a loan).

Credit Card Debt Relief Through Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can create credit card relief almost as quickly as debt consolidation. However, many won’t choose to utilize bankruptcy as a form of credit card debt relief until they’ve exhausted the other options they have. This is because bankruptcy stays on your credit record for long periods of time, sometimes up to ten years. This can seriously handicap your credit score for most of a decade, preventing you from applying for new forms of credit among other financial hardships.

Credit Card Debt Relief Through Credit Counseling

A credit counselor can help to give you a better understanding of your financial situation in an effort to help you clear up your debt. If you have any pressing or grievous financial obligations outstanding, your credit counselor can suggest a debt management plan to help. This plan is an agreement between yourself, your counselor and your creditor to make payments on your debt. The creditor can suspend fees as a part of the debt management plan. This can help to make credit card debt relief easily obtainable for those who only need some guidance in their debt management.