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Looking For Debt Relief?

Debt Settlement can be a powerful tool to pay back your debts and loans quickly, and for less than what you would pay for the life of the loan.

A debt settlement company will negotiate with your creditors and lenders to reduce your principle debt while you make monthly payments into an escrow account–an account serviced by a third party that you have complete control over.

By choosing Guardian Debt Relief, your creditors may accept repayment at just a fraction of what you owe, which means you pay back less when your debts are settled. We can combine all of your qualifying debts into one monthly payment.

How Does Debt Relief Work?

If you qualify for enrollment in Guardian’s Debt Relief services, you will be asked to stop paying your loans and debts. You will instead be making monthly payments into a secure third-party trust account, which only you have access to.

If you are still making minimum payments, your creditors will not settle your debt. They’re still getting your money, so why should they choose to settle?

Will Debt Relief Affect My Credit?

It is important to be aware of the credit score impact.

There will be an impact to your credit by choosing debt settlement. In fact, your credit score may already be impacted due to late payments, or having heavy credit utilization.

However, enrolling into a debt settlement program such as one provided by Guardian Debt Relief shows that you are actively involved in improving your future financial situation.

While your score might lower when you enter a debt settlement program such as Guardian’s, keep in mind that if you can’t afford to pay your credit card debts and consistently pay late or miss payments, your credit score is already negatively impacted. After you have finished the debt settlement plan, your settled debts will be indicated on your credit report.

Only Work With The Best

You must find a reputable debt settlement company that can show demonstrated success with past and current clients.

Like with any other business, avoid debt settlement companies that promise too much and do too little.

Before you make a decision, it is important that you understand the pros and cons of debt settlement.

Are You Ready To Be Debt Free?

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