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How To Get Out Of Credit Card Debt

Getting into credit card debt can be a quick and sometimes unexpected happening. Many people don’t know how to dig themselves out from massive amounts of credit card debt. With this being a circumstance for many Americans, a common question to address is how to get out of credit card debt. While there are many ways to alleviate your credit card debt, some are understandably more suitable than others in specific situations.


Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation can help to alleviate credit card debt by utilizing one loan to pay off what you owe. If you have multiple credit cards that need to be paid, a debt consolidation loan might be an ideal way to get out of credit card debt. Instead of making multiple payments on multiple balances (each with their own interest rate), you’d only pay back the consolidation loan. Making sure you only pay off the loan can have the best effect on your finances.
The bad thing about debt consolidation loans is that they grant the best benefit when you have multiple debts and a great credit score. If you only have one massive amount of debt then it would make little sense to take out a loan to pay for it. You would effectively trade one debt for another, and it might result in a higher interest rate. Also, if you don’t have an adequate credit rating, it might be impossible to receive a loan in the first place. A loan that would be big enough to cover all of your debt would require a high enough credit score to garner it.


Debt Settlement

Debt settlement can help to rid you of credit card debt by allowing you to settle your debt for less than the original amount. Settling your credit card debt can help you save a lot of money in some instances, depending on how well the negotiations go. If you have massive amounts of debt, settlement can be very beneficial. Working with a debt settlement company can help to alleviate your payment troubles by leaving the negotiations to professionals while keeping you focused on making payments.


Credit Counseling

Credit counseling can help you eliminate your credit card debt by helping you learn more about your finances and how you can make things better for your debt. A credit counselor can assess your financial situation and let you know how to improve it as well as create a plan to keep you out of debt into the future. Most credit counseling programs are free of charge, so focusing on debt elimination can be made much easier.
Credit counseling, being a free service, is not an obligation. While a credit counselor can provide you with advice on how you should deal with your debt, you don’t necessarily have to take it. There are no checks and balances to keep you in line with your credit counseling. In the case of bankruptcy, credit counseling needs to happen in order to move forward with the entire process, but it isn’t necessary otherwise.



Bankruptcy can help to deal with your credit card debt through discharge or rearrangement (depending on the chapter of bankruptcy you file). In certain instances, bankruptcy has the ability to completely wipe away many debts you may possess, including credit card debt. Since many credit cards are unsecured, bankruptcy can have the desired effect of eliminating them altogether. Instead of restructuring payments or giving you advice on how to pay, bankruptcy can help you not pay the debt at all.