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Free Debt Help: Is There Such a Thing?

By: Michael Millington

Getting free debt help might sound like an impossibility, and at first glance it might seem that way. Whenever you search for help with your debt more paid options come up than free ones. With all of the advertising going into paid debt relief, you might think that the only free debt relief is what you do for yourself. However, there are other options in addition to self-help that truly are free. Many of these options require a drastic change in your financial behaviors. Here we will discuss a few of these methods and the difference in paid debt help and free debt help.

Different Forms of Free Debt Help

Debt Self-Help

The obvious choice in free debt help is to help yourself. However, most people who look to fix their own debt don’t know how to start. This sometimes leads to these people looking towards paid alternatives. Reputable debt relief providers allow for individual learning tools outside of their paid services (like relevant articles or interactive web apparatuses). Through these tools you can build your own path towards debt elimination. So long as you have the discipline to maintain this path, you can achieve debt relief on your own.

Credit Counseling

If you want to get free debt help but you still need personal guidance, credit counseling can help. Depending on where you look, you can find credit counseling services for free. To receive proper help, verify that your credit counselor is certified to help you with your finances. Once you do, your credit counselor can assess your debts and let you know what is necessary to turn your financial situation around. Again, since this is a free service, it requires you to have discipline to see it through. However, should you find that you’re dissatisfied with your credit counselor, you can end the program without fear of losing any money.