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Free Debt Solutions for Unsecured Debts

By: Michael Millington

Paying for debt relief might seem counterproductive to some. Being in debt might make paying for a solution feel like a big step backwards. To those who feel this way, a free option might sound like the better choice. However, paid services do have distinct advantages over free debt solutions (such as the ability to work with professionals). Here we will discuss free debt solutions and how you should approach these options should you choose to.

What Free Debt Solutions are Available to You?

Free Debt Relief Achieved On Your Own

The best way to deal with your debt without paying for it is to dedicate your extra income to your debt. Reorganizing your budget can help to give you a better understanding of what you have to spend on your debts. While it is not recommended to redirect funds from your other obligations, knowing if you have any extra income to use would work just as well. The best way to rid yourself of debt for free is to deal with it on your own, but you will have to be able to make decent payments on your own.

Free Debt Relief Achieved Through Credit Counseling

Another way to deal with your debt for free is to utilize a credit counselor. Having a credit counselor can help you better understand your own debt and the best ways to deal with it. While some credit counselors do charge for their services, you can receive free counseling from others (do your research to find out which ones offer free services).

The other thing to remember about credit counseling is that it solely involves advice being given. A credit counselor won’t have the capabilities of a debt negotiator or a bankruptcy lawyer. This means that while you aren’t tethered to counseling for any reason, you would need a fair amount of discipline to be free of your debt in this manner. Be sure you know what you’re getting into before you decide to use the free debt solutions available to you.