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Medical Bill Debt Relief by Option

By: Michael Millington

Having medical bills can have a debilitating effect on your personal finances. Medical bills are a unique form of debt as they aren’t always planned for. The unexpected nature of some medical emergencies can result in unplanned debt. Because of this, medical bill debt relief can be made necessary in a pinch. Here we will discuss various methods to achieve medical bill debt relief and what you should know about each option.

Medical Bill Debt Relief Options Available to You


Filing for bankruptcy is seen more of a last resort for most debt related issues. However, as a medical bill debt relief option, bankruptcy gets the job done faster than most other choices. Bankruptcy does have the added detriment of staying on your credit for at most 10 years. Some would state that the long lasting negatives of bankruptcy are not worth it. But some medical bills can warrant more serious forms of debt relief.

Debt Consolidation

Consolidating your debt can help to organize multiple medical bills into one lump debt. However, debt consolidation doesn’t lower or remove the medical debt you may have. Instead, it takes multiple debts and combines them, allowing you to make payments on the loan you used to do so. This can assist in eliminating medical debt as you would only have one lender to deal with. Consolidating debt would require a satisfactory credit score and the ability to make monthly payments on your debt, so be sure that you can handle these things beforehand.

Debt Settlement

The art of negotiating your debt down to less than what you owe is known as debt settlement. Medical bill debt relief can be achieved successfully with a settlement in place as long as you have the money to pay out to the settlement. You can either negotiate your medical bills yourself or through a debt settlement company. There are some differences between the two options, but the end result would culminate in you paying less to eliminate your debt.