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How to Save Money Over the Summer Vacation

By: Michael Millington

The summertime is usually seen as the ultimate vacation time for many adults and children alike. Having been in school for most of the cold weather (or being at work up until a vacation), it can be easy to be swept up in the feeling that comes with finally taking some time off to get away. And with the notion of a vacation on the horizon, spending money while you’re away can have the potential to get out of hand. However, there are ways to keep your budget in check, even when you’re not on the clock.


Let Your Bank Know You’re Traveling

While it can also be a great way to secure your money while you’re far from home, it can also be a great way to keep your budget in check. You can let your bank know that you’re traveling and that any large or unusual purchases should not be accepted. This way anyone (even if it’s you) caught making out of the ordinary purchases will be denied until you can confirm it with your bank.


Make a Special Travel Budget

Another way to help save money during summer vacation is to create a budget no matter where you go. Making sure you know exactly what you’re spending at any given moment will give you peace of mind knowing you’re not going over your means. This can also improve the quality of your vacation by taking your money off of your mind while away. As can be the case with budgeting, your money moves a lot smoother with a plan.


Stay Close to Home

A vacation doesn’t always include airfare and hotels. You can take a vacation without leaving your home, what many like to refer to as a “stay-cation”. Many people have the inclination to take vacations at the same time, which inflates the prices of plane tickets and hotel rooms. A normal vacation would end up costing twice or three times as much as it normally would. Instead, look for local things that you can do for cheap or for free. Even staying in a hotel room would have less of a financial impact if you find an affordable room to stay in.