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Struggling With Debt In Washington, D.C.?

Debt is something that many Washington, D.C. residents deal with, creating an immeasurable amount of strain for those it affects. However, debt doesn’t have to be completely overbearing. There are options Washington, D.C. residents have when it comes to dealing with their debt.

We at Guardian Debt Relief have ample experience in helping Washington, D.C. residents get on their feet by adequately managing their debt on a case-by-case basis. Guardian assesses your situation and devises a plan that works specifically for you.

Although Washington, D.C. is known mostly for it’s fantastic monuments, museums, and history—it’s citizens are not exempt from falling into debt. When you consider the rising cost of living in the area, this concept is not too unfathomable. There is a high percentage of college graduates in D.C., which also means there is a high amount of student accounted for. Despite this, there are reasons to be optimistic if you are a Washington, D.C. resident in debt. As such, we want you to know that Guardian is always in your corner, making significant strides in diminishing your debt.


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Washington, D.C. Statistics:

Population Size:
As of 2014, the population of Washington, D.C. is 658,893.

Unemployment Rate:
The unemployment rate of Washington, D.C. is 7.5 percent.

Standard Wage:
As of July 1st, the standard wage for Washington, D.C. increased to $10.50 per hour. It was previously $9.50 per hour.

Average Debt Amount:
Currently, Washington, D.C. is the third highest averaging credit card debt city in the United States at $5,046. For student debt, the situation is far worse. On average, students in Washington, D.C. are $40,885 in debt.

Living Above or Below the Poverty Level:
Washington, D.C. holds an 18 percent poverty rate. That equals to about 108,732 people total.

We’re here to support you, if you think debt settlement is the right option for you, give us call or send us an email. We want to help ease the burden your debt has caused, and we are confident in our ability to ensure the best possible care.