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Minimum Wage: Can You Survive On It?

By: kjmena

It is no surprise that earning minimum wage, as compensation for your work while trying to stay afloat is incredibly difficult, depending on where you live.

It can be nearly impossible in some cities. However, there are a few simple tips and tricks to keep in mind when looking to offset the lack of weight in your wallet. Unfortunately, our nation’s economy does not lend itself to the minimum wage laborer. It in fact alienates them from living a decent life, one that most people in our country have the privilege of living. Because of this, it is increasingly difficult for those in the lower income brackets to live comfortably.

Monthly Expenses on Minimum Wage

First of all, your monthly expenses are of paramount importance when you consider how little you have to work with. The most important of which is your living expenses. In most cases, workers who are earning minimum wage are generally not fending for themselves in regard to housing. Many minimum wage workers are younger people who have other people they can depend on when it comes to their living arrangements. Affording rent anywhere in the United States on minimum wage is an incredibly difficult endeavor. If you live in a state where the cost of living is even higher than the national average, consider the task impossible.

Basically, people work minimum wage jobs out of absolute necessity. Due to lack of education, or location restriction, or minimal opportunity, people are in some cases forced to accept employment at establishments who only offer minimum wage as compensation.

The future is looking good though for those who are working for minimum wage long-term. Right now, in many states, minimum wage ranges between 7-9 dollars an hours. However, with new legislation, some states will be looking to increase that rate, some as much as 15 dollars an hour! This bodes well for those who wish to continue working for minimum wage. Not too far in the future, it may be financially possible for people to survive on minimum wage.

Rent on Minimum Wage

To be clear, there are some places in the country where making minimum wage, on a full-time basis can render a decent lifestyle. However, these locations are few and far between. That is the reason why so many people in America aspire to greater heights, to supersede the tax bracket they currently find themselves in. They want to work harder and worry less. Not always an easy task, but one that many Americans tend to strive for.

This phenomenon puts things into a broader perspective in regard to the minimum wage issue. Is minimum wage in place for the purpose of encouraging citizens to strive for more? Some would say it is, but others would probably say it is a method to keep the poor in a constant state of fiscal turmoil, and the rich in good financial standing.

In any case, Americans should always strive to exceed the constraints of minimum wage simply because it will lead to a better life, at least financially. Unfortunately, money is necessary to sustaining a comfortable life, and minimum wage does not lend itself to that endeavor.

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