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What’s the Best Way to Beat Seasonal Increases in Utilities

By: Michael Millington

Whether it’s the the dog days of summer or the grips of winter, utility bills will generally take a hit with the changing of the weather. The spring and fall signal a normality in terms of weather. On the other hand, the winter and summer create extreme weather conditions which can become energy vacuums just by keeping your indoor temperatures at moderate levels. The more extreme the weather, the more energy it might take to regulate the weather. However, there are many ways to keep yourself warm or cool without stretching your budget too thin.


Energy Saver Equipment

The most common way to keep your levels of energy usage is to use EnergySaver products. Most items that use EnergySaver technology generally use a lot of energy regularly (like refrigerators, heaters and air conditioners).


Timed Equipment Use

Many elaborate pieces of equipment have the ability to be shut down after a certain time. Oftentimes we don’t set time limits on our equipment, many times leaving them on all day or overnight while we sleep. In order to keep utility costs down, consider setting timers on your equipment so that it shuts off when you’re not using anything.


Using Less Electronics

The most sensible way to keep your utility costs low is to not use them at all. Finding alternate ways to keep your bills manageable can be quintessential to saving money year round. Instead of running the AC in the summer, consider keeping some windows open while cover others (preferably those with the sun shining through them) with blackout drapes. You’ll get light without receiving much of the heat.


Seasonal Preparation

Preparing your house or apartment for the season once can help you save money for years to come. You can weatherproof your house to keep the elements out and the comfort in your home. Doing so helps in both summer and winter, and in many cases doing so once can help protect against many years of the same.