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Rated A+ by the BBB

No More Debt, No More Stress

Guardian Debt Relief is a top consumer-rated provider of debt settlement services, based in the heart of the Financial District in New York City.

We provide an alternative to bankruptcy, credit counseling, and debt management. Through debt settlement, we have improved the financial situation of thousands of clients just like you.

If you’re barely making ends meet because of outstanding debt, we’re here to help. Whether you’ve found yourself unemployed or underemployed, are already being hounded by creditors, have had a medical emergency, or you can only make minimum payments on your outstanding debts, we’ll work with you to figure out your best options.

We’ve helped thousands of people regain control of their finances and their lives and we can help you too!

Why Choose Guardian Debt Relief?


You don’t pay a thing until we lower your debt


We can help you become debt and worry-free in as little as 24 months


Get debt settlement options that fit your budget


Get comprehensive resources for smarter spending and saving

See What Our Clients Say

See what our past and current clients are saying about Guardian Debt Relief

“The process was very smooth, the staff was very helpful and their expertise brought my case to a successful end. I was very pleased with how much they were able to settle on my account. I would recommend Guardian Debt Relief to any family or friends that need your services."

Teren G., Bronx NY

“I went overboard with my credit card when l lost my job and l didn’t know how l would pay it back! Thank God for Guardian Debt Relief, they really saved me. l was so uneasy about all these debt relief companies because there are so many of them! But Guardian Debt Relief was so understanding and professional, they really worked with me! I am glad l went with them, because they cut my debt at least 35% or so!  Thanks again Guardian Debt Relief!”

Effie O., Kew Gardens NY

“I want to give a huge thank you to Guardian Debt Relief. You have done a great job at helping me put my life back together. I am so pleased that you were able to take care of the debt I owed. I was at a loss and thought I would have to file bankruptcy, but you were able to keep me from having to do that. Everyone was so great at helping when I would call. Thank you again!”

Deborah I., Temple TX

"I had a great experience with Guardian and would recommend this company to friends and family. Thank you so much."

Kathryn K., Brooklyn NY

“I am very appreciative for everything that you did for me. It really meant a lot.”  

Faton G., Bronx NY

“Thank you for your help! We were able to pay off the credit cards within the year which would not have been possible without your help.”

Mardean E., Abilene TX


What Is Debt Settlement?

Guardian Debt Relief provides debt settlement services for credit card debt, business’ debt, and other forms of unsecured loans. We can also help with medical expenses and some student loans.

Our goal is to protect and improve your financial future.

By enrolling in Guardian’s debt settlement program, we represent you and negotiate with your creditors. You may ultimately end up paying only a portion of what you owe.

To learn more about debt settlement and to see if you qualify for the Guardian Debt Settlement program, request a free quote or call our debt management experts.