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About Guardian Debt Relief

Guardian Debt Relief is a debt negotiation company based in the heart of the Financial District in New York City. We’ve built a reputation for passionately fighting for our clients, tooth and nail, to bring them out of debt and into a brighter financial situation.

Our team of debt specialists work with our clients one-on-one through every step of the program. They can help you weigh your options, and evaluate whether debt negotiation is the right option for you. They’re personable, hands-on, and will make every effort to know you and your situation. At Guardian Debt Relief, you’re a person--not a number.

Our core service is debt negotiation, but Guardian Debt Relief also serves as an expert resource for financial education.

Getting out of debt is just one of the first steps in gaining control of your financial situation. This is why Guardian Debt Relief’s philosophy is to serve as a resource to build healthier spending and saving habits, which include better budgeting, managing finances, and other helpful tips and tricks.

At Guardian Debt Relief, we defend your financial future.

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On the Road to Financial Freedom

Our Mission

At Guardian Debt Relief, our mission is one of empathy, understanding, and education.

We’ve worked with people of all walks of life, with all kinds of financial hardships. Though it may be difficult to admit you’re facing issues in managing your finances, we’re here to guide you through the process of taking back your financial future.

Getting out of debt is just one of the first steps. We will also give you the tools necessary to stay out of debt and the knowledge to carve your own path to financial security.

With Guardian Debt Relief, your success is our success. 

See What Our Clients Say

See what our past and current clients are saying about Guardian Debt Relief

“The process was very smooth, the staff was very helpful and their expertise brought my case to a successful end. I was very pleased with how much they were able to settle on my account. I would recommend Guardian Debt Relief to any family or friends that need your services."

Teren G., Bronx NY

“I went overboard with my credit card when l lost my job and l didn’t know how l would pay it back! Thank God for Guardian Debt Relief, they really saved me. l was so uneasy about all these debt relief companies because there are so many of them! But Guardian Debt Relief was so understanding and professional, they really worked with me! I am glad l went with them, because they cut my debt at least 35% or so!  Thanks again Guardian Debt Relief!”

Effie O., Kew Gardens NY

“I want to give a huge thank you to Guardian Debt Relief. You have done a great job at helping me put my life back together. I am so pleased that you were able to take care of the debt I owed. I was at a loss and thought I would have to file bankruptcy, but you were able to keep me from having to do that. Everyone was so great at helping when I would call. Thank you again!”

Deborah I., Temple TX

"I had a great experience with Guardian and would recommend this company to friends and family. Thank you so much."

Kathryn K., Brooklyn NY

“I am very appreciative for everything that you did for me. It really meant a lot.”  

Faton G., Bronx NY

“Thank you for your help! We were able to pay off the credit cards within the year which would not have been possible without your help.”

Mardean E., Abilene TX