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Do I Qualify for Debt Relief?

In order for the Guardian Debt Relief program to work, you must meet certain qualifications.

You Must Have Unsecured Debt

We can only serve clients who possess unsecured forms of debt.

These may include but are not limited to:
• Credit card bills
• Medical bills
• Utility bills
• Private student loans

If you are about to default, or already have a judgment against you involving one or more of these debts, we may be able to help.

If you have unsecured debt or loans, or aren't sure if they are unsecured, we can help you find out if your debts qualify for our debt negotiation services in your free phone consultation.

You Must Have At Least $7,500 in Unsecured Debt

Our clients all have varying levels of debt, and we take on new clients on a case-by-case basis.

Individuals with at least $7,500 in debt will qualify for our debt negotiation program.

This is because $7,500 is the baseline for us negotiating on your behalf. It gives us greater leverage and a better chance at settling your debts with your creditors.

If you meet these criteria, or if you are unsure if you qualify, please call or message us.

We will assess your financial situation to see if you meet the requirements of our debt negotiation program.

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You Must Be Able To Make Monthly Payments

At Guardian Debt Relief, our debt negotiation program involves paying an agreed upon payment into a secure trust account every month.

Guardian Debt Relief will work with you to determine the monthly rate and payment length based on your specific financial situation. Once you have saved enough funds in your account, our negotiators will contact your creditors to settle your accounts for less than you owe.

Consistent monthly payments into this program are crucial to your overall success in this program.

You Must Be Able To Show Financial Hardships

While debt negotiation is a powerful option to get out of debt in a structured manner, we can only take on clients who can demonstrate financial hardship.

This means that your monthly budget cannot accommodate the repayment of loans after purchasing the essentials, such as food, rent or mortgage payments, and utility bills.

If we cannot show your creditors that you’re actually facing financial hardships during our negotiations (i.e., you cannot afford to pay your debts) then your creditors most likely will not settle.

We will assess your financial situation to see if you meet the requirements of our Guardian debt negotiation program.

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