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Bad Credit Loans

By: Michael Millington

When you deal with massive amounts of debt, it’s possible that bad credit won’t be too far behind. Owing multiple lenders for extended periods can result in large amounts of fees, interest charges and other negative actions being taken against you. People who have multiple debts may look to consolidate them with one large loan. However, most people who deal with overwhelming debt often don’t have the credit to qualify for one. In such instances, some might turn to bad credit loans to help.


What Are Bad Credit Loans?

Bad credit loans are exactly what they sound like: loans for people with bad credit. The definition of this loan is also the sole benefit it possesses. In regards to qualifying for a loan a simple rule is generally followed. The more impressive your credit, the less of a penalty you receive on your loan (the penalty referring to the interest rate you would receive based on your credit). Banks who provide loans will normally look to give better rates to those who have better credit scores.

Should your credit score be subpar (or should you be turned down for a loan from a bank) then bad credit loans could be a last resort for you to turn to. Some lenders will provide you with the money you need in the form of bad credit loans, many times in as little as 24 hours. While the funds will be almost immediately made available and relatively easy to procure, there is a major downside to having bad credit loans be your vehicle out of debt.

Bad credit loans, due to their nature, tend to have gargantuan interest rates attached to them. This ensures that loan providers that give out these bad credit loans will make a decent amount back from the loan recipient. Interest rates can peak at well over 100%, sometimes reaching 300% depending on the lender. This can create issues for borrowers down the line when it’s time to repay the loan. If the loan isn’t repaid fully, the interest rates can cause the amount due to balloon out of control very quickly.


Are Bad Credit Loans For You?

While the downside to bad credit loans is great, there are certain instances where these types of loans might be exactly what you need. In the event that you need a quick sum of cash to cover yourself in paying a debt off sooner than anticipated, a bad credit loan might benefit you. In order to avoid the massive detriments that come from bad credit loans, the loan would have to be paid off quickly after it was taken out.

Many people take these types of loans to cover multiple monthly debts in between paychecks. These are more commonly referred to as payday loans. The idea behind these loans is to receive the money you would normally get on your designated payday earlier in a high interest loan. You would then pay back the loan plus interest when you get paid next. In the event that the amount due cannot be covered, some borrowers end up borrowing more to cover their newfound debt. This can result in a never ending cycle of borrowing and increasing interest rates.


What Are Your Alternatives?

It can be too easy to get wrapped up in the cycle of bad credit loans. This can consistently have a bad impact on your credit as well as your finances. However, there are alternatives to these bad credit loans that you can use to help you in these situations. Normal methods of debt relief can help to alleviate the debts and, if applicable, the issues created by bad credit loans.

Debt settlement can help to expedite your payment options when trying to rid yourself of debt. Although bad credit loans are more often used for quick financial fixes, the resulting damage from exorbitant interest rates and sometimes unreasonable payment deadlines can be catastrophic, leading to long lasting financial obligations. Through debt settlement, these debts can be eliminated sooner and for less than what was originally owed.

Other methods for dealing with these types of debts include credit counseling and bankruptcy. Credit counseling helps to educate you on the debts that you have in hopes of finding the best way to deal with them. However, with loans such as these time may be of the essence, rendering credit counseling useless. Bankruptcy, on the other hand, can provide a surefire way out of debt at the cost of a bankruptcy mark on your credit report. If you find your situation to be too severe to handle on your own, bankruptcy might be your only solution.


Bad credit loans are risky to use, but can be helpful in a pinch. The key to using them correctly is to know what you’re able to handle financially. These loans are easier to get than many other types of extended credit, and can pose a tantalizing problem for those who are not disciplined enough to monitor their credit. Knowing your options for both borrowing money and relieving yourself of debt can be very helpful when dealing with bad credit loans.