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How to Channel Your Inner Creative to Eliminate Debt

By: Michael Millington

More often than not you hear of individuals who have had immense amounts of debt at some point in time, only to have it all disappear miraculously, leaving them in a much better state than before. They made some decisions that impacted their lives so greatly that not only were they able to get out of debt, they were able to turn their decisions into a lucrative career step in the future. If you’ve been thinking of a way to use your unique talents to pay off debts, know that with a strong plan and a strong work ethic, you can achieve success.

Let’s talk about the plan.


What Can You Do That Fits Your Life

Earning extra income can be a slippery slope for those with full time jobs. Essentially, the less time you have in general, the less time you have for other money-making endeavors. The idea is to have two sources of income: your main source and a part-time/freelance source that can work around the rest of your life. Having the extra money will allow you to pay off your debts without diving into your main form of income.

The next thing that you should consider is what you feel comfortable doing on a regular basis and outside of work. In order to have a reliable source of income outside of your day job, it would help if you thoroughly enjoyed your second job. Whether it’s writing, customer sales or picking up a paper route, it’ll be the thing you do right after your regular full time gig. It wouldn’t be much of a secondary source of income if you got tired of doing it in the first day.

As to what you can do to earn extra income, the door is pretty much wide open depending on your talents and/or interests. Many people have taken to doing side jobs on multiple sites and apps. Sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, and in some instances Craigslist, offer many side and part-time jobs that you can pick up at any time and do at your leisure.

Once you find the thing you want to do as a side job (like walking dogs or writing ebooks) the next step is to establish yourself. Start to pick up as many jobs as you can to make a name for yourself. Once you do well you’ll be able to pull many more gigs, giving you a reliable source of income that you can make at your convenience.