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Debt Settlement: What Should You Expect

By: Michael Millington

When taking that first big step towards eliminating debt from your life you might be overwhelmed by the amount of options you have. Debt settlement is one of the most common and advantageous offerings in debt relief. But what comes with debt settlement? Are you getting the entire story with third party providers? It’s important to know what it is you’re stepping into when you choose debt settlement as your method of debt relief.


What Is Debt Settlement?

When starting a form of debt relief, having as much information as you can is always a top priority. Debt settlement is a process that takes away the stress of paying off your entire debt amount by coming to an agreement with your creditors on a lesser amount to pay. Debt settlement can happen on an individual level or on a professional level. Debt settlement can help those who are deeper in debt than they are comfortable handling. Having various credit accounts that are multiple months behind in their payments can be overwhelming for many to manage. That’s where debt settlement comes into play.


Do-It-Yourself Settlement

While it is a daunting undertaking to some, contacting creditors yourself and negotiating a settlement on a balance owed is a viable solution. Cutting out any third party service providers would allow you to save some time and money as long as you know how to negotiate your debt down with creditors. Oftentimes people won’t know the most effective way to handle a settlement situation and get nothing accomplished. Overwhelming debt can have profound ways of manifesting in people, bringing on anger, exasperation and depression. If you bring those emotions into your negotiation then you’ll likely drive away any opportunity you have to reduce your debt.


Debt Settlement Services

The other option you have is to acquire the services of a debt settlement professional. Third party companies have a distinct advantage when negotiating lower payment amounts with creditors as they have established relationships in place for this purpose. Debt settlement services are better equipped to garner positive responses from creditors from a professional standpoint. The main goal is to have your debt paid down while helping you to avoid paying an entire amount. While settling debt on your own can have you calling multiple creditors to get various responses, a professional debt settlement company can handle multiple debts so you only deal with one entity. You would deposit specified amounts into an escrow account. The debt settlement company would then pay your debts from the deposited money. Many times the amount saved can be as much as 40% of your original debt. Because of these reasons acquiring debt settlement services offers much more in the form of benefits than taking the do-it-yourself approach.


Seeking professional representation gives you an edge over debt. It puts dedicated individuals to work for the sole purpose of reducing payments and simplifying the payment process. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of the negotiation process and helps to put your mind at ease about getting started on the road to eliminating debt. Consulting with a debt settlement company is often free so you don’t have to spend money to get the information you need. Consider qualified advice and help from debt settlement professionals help clarify your debt situation and move you closer towards debt freedom.

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