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Shopping On a Budget

By: mdautner

When funds are tight, shopping for items can tend to be a difficult endeavor.

The fact of the matter is, budgeting your shopping habits is not always that easy. As such, we would like to discuss with you some tips and tricks to help you shop for the things you need while on a strict budget.

Listen, no one wants to admit that they are on a tight budget. Some people are worried about the message that sends to others around them. Perhaps they fear that people will assume they are fiscally irresponsible, or that are just plainly too cheap to splurge on finer, more expensive items. You need not worry about the opinions of others in this time of economic strain; you need only concern yourself with what is best for you and yours.

Basically, when shopping for any item, it is important to note whether something is or isn’t essential. Essential being, anything needed for daily sustainability. Stay with us… When dealing with a considerable amount of debt, it is more important than ever before to start “trimming the fat” so to speak, to better balance your expenses. We know it is tough, especially when you are accustomed to living a certain kind of lifestyle, and having it be drastically altered out of necessity.

Here’s the thing though—that was then, and this is now. Tightening the belt will not only guarantee you a more comfortable standing financially, it will actually be a refreshing surprise to learn how easily you can get by spending significantly less.

Essential Number One: Food

Okay, so obviously there is no getting around this major component to a consumers expense. However, there are ways to cut a few corners. First of all, when shopping for food, it is best not to do so with the mindset of “buying for excess.” Instead, think about the things you absolutely need, and cannot do without. Obviously non-perishables have an extended expiration date so if your local grocer is offering a bulk sale on an item you usually purchase in high volume, certainly take advantage of it. Many Americans will tell you they end up throwing out a great deal of food items due to over-expiration. This is the phenomenon we want you to avoid, which will in turn help you save your money. It was non-other than Benjamin Franklin who coined the phrase “waste not, want not.” This anecdote is extremely applicable for those shoppers on a tight budget. Also, have you ever considered purchasing the store brand products? This is a great way to slash a few dollars off of your grocery bill each month.

Essential Number Two: Clothes

When it comes to shopping for clothes, there a few things you can do to limit your spending. Okay, so everyone knows that having a respectable wardrobe is of high priority for many Americans. However, there are ways to keep your clothing options copious while saving a pretty penny. First off, saving money on clothes often means having to sacrifice the luxury of brand preference. Yes, everyone would love to be wearing the latest Gucci and Prada products, but the fact of the matter is you’re on a budget! Time to think a little bit more conservatively in regard to shopping for clothes. Go to the retailer that you of heard from your friend that is having a huge clearance sale. Or exclusively look at the clearance rack at the retailer you desperately love if you feel so inclined. Spending $50 on a T-shirt is no longer necessary, nor should it ever have been. Also, a fun way to pick up some awesome finds for less is…Thrifting! Of course this is dependent on your sense of fashion, but a fun way to get yourself some cool threads is go searching through things that other people were willing to part with!

We know shopping for essentials on a budget is not the most exciting thing you would like to be doing. However, it is necessary to ensure you don’t sink deeper into debt. That is what we are trying to avoid here.

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