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Loans: 3 Things You Didn’t Know

By: Michael Millington

Money can be a touchy subject for anyone, lenders and borrowers alike. Some people don’t know what they’re getting into when they approach a lender for a loan. Even with common knowledge that is available anywhere, it still might not be enough to effectively inform a person about all that comes with a loan. Sometimes the fear of the unknown holds people back from what they could accomplish with the money to buy a new car or home. Well here is an insight to the facts you could have missed when it comes to getting a loan.

3 Hidden Facts About Loans

  1. Collateral For Loans Isn’t Limited to Home and Auto

Sure there are personal loans too, but did you know that there are collateral loans for things other than your house or your car? Things like your equipment, ranging from garden tools to computers, or your accounts receivable if you’re a business owner. Many of these things can also be seized if your payments run late. Make sure you’re clear on what you can lose with your lender.


  1. Collateral Is Rarely Equal In Amount To What You’re Borrowing

Many people think that just because they put up their house or car as collateral the amount they will get will be equal to what their property is worth. In a perfect world you would get exactly what you give for a loan. However, almost all lenders will shortchange your loan amount based on your collateral. Expect as little as 70% of your collateral to come up in your loan.


  1. Collateral Can Even Include Your Own Money

It might seem like a strange concept, but you can take out a loan from a lender while using your own money as collateral. Normally referred to as a cash loan, these types of loans have better upside than credit cards and other types of loans. You can borrow smaller amounts than most loans and some lenders will even allow you to borrow 100% of the collateral you own, making it one of the more attractive options for those trying to rebuild their credit.


Regain Control Over Your Finances

There’s a lot of information floating around that can be misleading or damaging to your credit or debt situation. Even though many people deal with debt everyday they don’t know that there are methods to help reach debt freedom. With so many variations of unsecured debt floating around, it’s hard to get to a position where secured debt is possible.


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