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Zen And The Art Of Debt Elimination

By: kjmena

Debt relief isn’t just about clearing up your finances, it’s also about freeing up your life to achieve your goals, whether they be personal, professional, or financial. We’ll show you how getting out of debt actually can actually nourish your mind and body – not just your wallet.

Begin to relax at home

When struggling with debt, it isn’t uncommon to have debt collectors harass you at all hours of the day and evening. Rather than cringing every time you hear the phone ring, allow your mind to relax at home by creating a debt repayment plan. Whether you work with the debt collection agency on your own or call a debt advisory centre, eliminating debt will give you peace of mind throughout the day and night.

Feel energized

Having a debt reduction plan is empowering, and gives you renewed energy and confidence in other areas of your life. A debt counselor can help you explore debt options that will work best for your financial situation. Whether you choose forgiveness of debt, debt consolidation, or another way of managing credit card debt, putting a plan into action will free up a ton of energy in your life. Rather than spending your evening in front of the computer reviewing overdue bills and crunching numbers, you can instead take a refreshing walk outside or pursue an old hobby you’d given up on.

Start to improve your relationships

Everyone has heard the statistic that money and bad debt are the number one cause of divorce, so it’s important to take control of your finances if for no other reason than to create positive relationships in your life. Even if you’re not married, successful debt resolution makes you a better friend and colleague because your mind becomes more focused on the moment, rather than worrying about how to pay off debt and save money.

Get out of the past

Having credit debt often makes you feel stuck in the past. Every time you pay a credit card bill or receive a phone call from a debt collector, you are constantly reminded of what got you in there, whether it’s medical bills, a divorce, or even just overspending. By creating a debt management plan, you’ll be able to put those memories behind you and move on with your life.

Look towards the future

Once you’re well down the path of credit card debt reduction, it’s time to start looking ahead. Clearing debt allows you to start thinking again about what you’d like to accomplish with your life. Do you want to change careers? Buy a house? Save up for your child’s tuition? Talk to someone at a debt relief company who will not only show you how to pay debt and save money now, but how to translate those debt reduction strategies into long-term financial planning.

Give back

Studies show that people who donate to charity consider themselves substantially happier than those who don’t. Consider adding charitable giving into your debt plan. You don’t have to donate money to give back to your community; instead, offer your time at a homeless shelter or at a local food bank. Debt repayment is a hard situation to find ourselves in, but it’s important to remember that we’re each an integral part of a larger community.

Forgive yourself

We can’t control everything in life, whether it’s something that happened to us or something that we cause ourselves. Financial debt may be a burden, but it’s not a life sentence. Don’t lament what you could have or should have done yesterday; rather, focus on today and think about the action-oriented steps you can take to pay down debt or save money. Can you brown bag it instead of buying out lunch today? Can you switch a set bill to be automatically debited on payday? Debt payment is a process, not a one-time decision. Instead of beating yourself up, find a positive solution today that takes you one step closer to your goal.

Debt resolution isn’t just about clearing up your finances so you can start spending more money again. View your financial debt as a chance to re-evaluate the way you live your life and determine if there is any positive change that can benefit you both inside and out.

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